Nutrition Fair, 3rd February 2021

Nutrition Fair Banner The Nutrition Fair aims to keep New Year resolutions going into February.

If you started the New Year with plans to make some lifestyle changes, but are struggling to stay motivated, then a nutrition fair being run by students from the University of Chester might be just what you need!

The Fair is hosted by final year Human Nutrition and Dietetic students, who are keen to encourage visitors to ‘forget the fads’ and explore different ways to stay healthy.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and government guidance, the fair will be taking place as a virtual means, streaming live on MS Teams. The date for the diary is Wednesday February 3rd from 11.00am until 12.30pm. Students will be presenting live, offering healthy lifestyle advice, interactive games top tips to help encourage people to think about ways they can lead a healthier life.

Students with the most creative and inspiring stall will also be presented with the Innovation Prize, which is sponsored by Morning Foods.

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Feedback from students attending previous events has included:

I think the nutrition fairs are great; there’s a lot of variety with lots of different things going on. Many of the stalls addressed really important key issues relating to today's society, illness and diseases!

For more information about the Nutrition Fair 2021, please contact the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition by e-mail: or telephone 01244 513090.

The Gut Girls
The Gut Girls is an innovative stall aimed at promoting a diverse microbiota in the general adult population

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Alternative 5 a day

This stall aims to help families with young children from low socio economic status households achieve their ‘5 a day’ using alternatives to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Cut the sweet stuff

This stall aims to raise awareness of the high sugar content in sugar sweetened beverages that are frequently consumed by children.

Alcohol Awareness

This stall aims to educate people on the nutrient content of alcoholic drinks and the effects these can have on health.

Food for thought: Are we sufficiently feeding our brains?

This stall aims to educate the public on the importance of omega-3 in the diet in relation to brain function.

Wonderful Weaning

This stall aims to provide education and information around safe weaning methods through a range of interactive activities, cooking sessions and discussions.

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Healthy Hearts

This stall aims to increase cardiovascular disease (CVD) awareness amongst visitors.

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No Dairy, No Problem
This stall aims to inform those who have or who are considering making dietary changes to dairy alternatives, to make educated decisions on which product(s) they want to purchase.

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Lean Greens

To inform the importance of adequate protein intake and the benefits of plant-based protein sources by creating leaflets and recipes.

Think Globally, Act Locally

The aim of this stall is to educate visitors to the Nutrition Fair about the sustainability of their diet, where their food comes from, and that the impact this has on the environment, both locally and globally.

Snack Smart + Regular Exercise = Improve Health

This stall is a health intervention based on snacking behaviours, aimed at families. The stall aims to encourage people to participate in activities and demonstrate how to make quick and easy snacks.

Cooking for one

The aim of this stall is to create resources to help students easily cook a nutritionally balanced diet with minimal waste and on a budget.

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Nutrition MythBusters

This stall aims to help the public identify evidence based dietary information and discard unreliable food and nutrition advice.

Healthy Packed Lunches Stall

This stall aims to support parents to create and achieve healthy packed lunches with innovative ideas, recipes and games.

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